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Buy Muslim Swimwear from £25, Women Burkini Islamic costume UK

When it comes to Muslim women intending to learn or attend a swimming session the covering of the body is essential to conform to Islamic Law. Our collection includes an extensive range of all the popular brands such as Burkini, Hijab-Bikini, Veilkini and Speedo. These Muslim swimwear for women come in a range of colours and sizes available in adults and kids also and cover the entire body from head to the ankles. They are also coated with antibacterial coating to ensure safe swimming for women. Now women can swim in the 'pool of modesty' with this very modest design. If customers want to place a bulk order for these athletic wear then contact us for bulk rates on sales@abaya.org.uk

Burkini Modest clothing- Islamic swimsuits

The classic burkini range from Lebanese Australian Aheda Zanetti is the pioneer of the modern swim wear for Muslims. This brand offer a nice colour range in a range of sizes from Small to XXL for the bigger women. The fabrication is very similar to the other collection with a waterproof coating and stretchy polyester fabrication (but without any Lycra). The style range from a very slim fit style to give that aerodynamic effect which is important for swimming and the loose fitting which is ideal for training and beach goers.

OUT OF STOCK  made from soft water poof fabric UK £ 42
Item Product: Code MSW71
Top and bottom in a contrasting panel UK £ 42
Item Product: Code MSW72
OUT OF STOCK  hayah with this costume from only   UK £ 42
Item Product: Code MSW73
OUT OF STOCK modest wear for swimming UK £ 42
 Item Product: Code MSW74
blue body burkini stripe pattern
Comes in a black body with pink sleeve with motif UK £ 42
Item Product: Code BUQ01
black body with motif burqini
Burkini range with navy and green UK £ 42
Item Product: Code BUQ02
black with red sleeve design Burqini
OUT OF STOCK Red with black  coloured sleeve  UK £ 42
Item Product: Code BUQ03
kids islamic swim suits Ahiida
Kids collection in light sky blue and pink sleeve UK £ 38
 Item Product: Code BUQ04

Women Burkini style from Speedo

Speedo has also introduced a range of Burkini style swim wear but their collection does not include the covering the hair. The style also include 3/4 length capri style bottoms as opposed to the full angle length style of Burkini and others. They also offer a more fitted style for the surfer women wear.

muslim women in speedo and veilkini design

Waterproof, antibacterial coating and UV protection on the beach

The costumes which we are offering are majority coated with antibacterial soft coat to ensure safe swimming which can be important on the beeches or water parks. The benefit of wearing a complete body covering costume like the Burqini is that it also helps in UV (Sun-safe) light protection or sun burns which can be important for sensitive skins especially on the beaches.

Nigella Lawson in the spotlight with her Burqini

The coverage and popularity of full covered swimwear is party because of few celebrities the likes of Nigella Lawson who have been spotted wearing the classic black colour Burqini. The tabloid coverage has given a better awareness of the benefits of this style of swim wear from the point of view of UV sunlight protection. At the same time the acceptance of Burqini by orthodox Christians and Muslims alike has been quite extensive over the past months.

Sizes for adults and kids - women swimwear measurement chart

Since these costumes come in a range of sizes and the material being stretchy customers have that 2-3 inches allowance due to the stretch. Below is the measurement chart  to help customers decide in their size purchase. If you need more help or have any questions please feel free to email us on the below contact details.

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